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Medical technology at Spiegel Institut

Safe use and user experience are at the core of Spiegel Institut’s activities. Our work is based on human-centered design according to ISO 9241-210:2019 and the usability of medical devices according to IEC 62366-1:2015 / AMD 1:2020.

We are a consulting and user experience company with activities across the globe. Our team of 130 employees supports our global customers from our locations in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Munich, Beijing, and Shanghai. At all times we focus on the with tailor-made systems, products, and services based on our expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm.

We support you in

Determining the focus of your development Understanding the user User-centered design solutions Recruitment Evaluation Technical documentation Technical communication and training Public relations Product development

Use specification

  • User groups and profiles
  • Identifying needs
  • Tasks and goals
  • Anticipated use errors

Project experience

  • Context of use analysis of technical systems for ventilation, diabetes, and laboratory devices, as well as their associated apps and services

Project interests

  • Defining context of use
  • Use Scenarios, if applicable with risk assessment


  • Interviews, observations, co-creation workshops, usability tests


  • User group profiles, personas
  • Objectives, tasks, task models
  • Use Scenarios, insights for product ideas, initial risk assessment
  • Quantitative context of use descriptions


  • Risk related Use Scenarios
  • Regulatory support
  • Risk mitigating measures
  • Evaluation

Project experience

  • Summative testing in the field of diabetology, safety of use, mode awareness, (un)intended use in the field of autonomous systems

Project interests

  • Risk minimization for safe use
  • Identifying risk related Use Scenarios


  • Cognitive walk-through, observation, expert analysis


  • Risk assessment based on observations in handling and usability tests
  • Deduction of risk-mitigating measures in cooperation with client

UI Specification

  • User requirements
  • Prioritized requirements
  • Formal specifications

Project experience

  • Deriving requirements from needs, prioritization based on user relevance, compiling detailed user interaction specifications in required customer format

Project interests

  • User requirements for user centricity
  • Strengthening the user perspective in requirements engineering
  • Formal documentation of interaction and system behavior


  • Determining user requirements based on user needs
    and goals, e.g., through interviews
  • Workshops on prioritizing requirements


  • User-centered, prioritized user requirements
  • Prioritized stakeholder requirements
  • Formal interaction specifications in required customer format

UI Design

  • Use scenarios, storyboards
  • Structural and interaction concepts
  • Prototypes

Project experience

  • Text prototypes and low- and high-fidelity prototypes for screen-based systems

Project interests

  • Initial ideas of structure and interaction of the system to be developed


  • Interviews, forced choice analysis, card sorting


  • User-oriented structuring, naming, and prioritization
  • Initial interaction concepts
  • Low- and high-fidelity prototypes

Recruitment and laboratories

  • Patients
  • Medical staff
  • Administrative staff
  • Usability labs, focus group rooms

Project experience

  • Recruitment of various user groups through Spiegel Institut’s panels and international partners in various fields, e.g., rheumatology, dermatology, oncology, gastroenterology, diabetology, and anesthesiology

Project interests

  • Appropriate study participants
  • Fully functional test rooms with/without moderation


  • Recruitment through Spiegel Institut’s panels and cooperation partners
  • Spiegel Institut’s in-house usability labs, adequate focus group and workshop facilities


  • Selected users, patients
  • Professional medical users
  • Additional stakeholders such as medical technicians, hospital administration staff
  • Facilities at the “Medical Technology Cluster Mannheim”



  • Usability labs
  • Focus group and creative spaces with multiple possibilities for observation:
    Audio and video transmission, in-picture transmission, semi-transparent mirror
  • Access to the Hybrid OP and the INSPIRE Living LAB as a member of the
    Medical Technology Cluster


  • Formative testing
  • Summative testing

Project experience

  • Summative studies as well as formative handling and usability tests in all development phases of applicators, apps, as well as small and large devices

Formative testing of concepts


Project interests

  • User feedback on concept
  • Identifying and assessing use errors
  • Steering and controlling subsequent development steps


  • Qualitative usability tests, interviews, focus groups, moderation
  • Compliation of test plans and scripts


  • Concept acceptance: Strengths and weaknesses, measures to increase
    overall acceptance
  • Optimization potential of real effectiveness
  • Riskassessment and deriving risk-minimizing measures
  • Decision-making support for project management to improve acceptance and concept


Summative testing of systems


Project interests

  • Usability: Effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction
  • User feedback and optimization potential
  • Documentation for Usability Engineering Files


  • Quantitative usability test, out-of-the-box test incl. manuals, quick reference guides, instructions


  • compilation of test plans and scripts
  • Measurements of effectiveness and efficiency
  • User feedback on acceptance and satisfaction
  • Assessing risk related use scenarios
  • Usability documentation client’s Usability Engineering File

Technical communication / training

  • Instruction concepts
  • Multi-modal instructions
  • Linking evaluation and training

Project experience

  • Designing manuals and editorial guides in the field of diabetology, creating and maintaining on customer-specific editorial systems for multi-modal media, usability tests of any customer media

Project interests

  • Redesigning instructions and manuals
  • Reduction of sheer manual size
  • Review of concept


  • Iterative concept development
  • prototype creation
  • A/B test


  • Redesign of instruction concept and manual by combination of texts
    and infographics
  • Halfing Reducing the number of pages by half
  • Measuring and comparing usability (effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction)


Designing training and information media


Relevant training content is identified at an early stage based on use scenarios,  risk management, technical
documentation and sales,. This content is sorted into contextual user-centred goals and task models and compiled for multi-model channels. Most important is an early collaboration and integration of all stakeholders of training and documentation for an instruction- and cost efficient training and documentation.

Our team

Dr. Matthias Reisemann

Head of research & development​
“Good UX generally leads to satisfaction and brand loyalty. Good usability in medical technology saves lives – together we can tackle this challenge. In addition there is the positive user experience, the positive UX, which we will also taken care of."

Anna Lewandowski

“The human factor is the deciding factor! Only those who have understood users in their context can develop relevant and mature products from these insights. It is important to take a step back and move users and operators into focus – only with honest feedback a user-centered product development can be implemented sensibly.”

Sascha Solakovic

Consultant User Experience
“It is important to involve the user in the process. Make the design tangible. Forge new paths. That’s what forges a good user experience. Doing this guarantees success.”

Vanessa Scheinert

Business Economist, Associate Director
“We find the right approach to your very individual target group, look for enthusiastic participants, and ensure a smooth organization of your study. Particularly in the field of medical technology, specialists are required who know exactly what target group is needed and how we attract them as participants.”

Andreas Klein

M. Sc. Consumer Science, Senior Director
“Partucularly in product development it makes sense to focus as specifically as possible on user needs in order to be successful. Determining them in different areas and with a wide variety of users is always a satisfying challenge.”

Yuwei Jin

Senior Director
"We are entering an era of experience economy and we help our clients to create good user experience. It counts in the booming medical branch in the post-epidemic era too."

Sarah Teschner

Marketing Manager
“A good user experience supports generating important leads at low cost, especially in online marketing. Good usability of your own website or advertising media is indispensable.”

We are partners in the medical cluster of excellence in Mannheim

Mannheim and its surrounding region is a vivid area for medical technology and biotechnology in Germany and Europe. This is supported by a unique offering of economy, range of medical and research facilities, quality of workforce for any medical technology company to place them on track towards lasting growth.

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Dr. Matthias Reisemann